July 20, 2018
2 days since
our celebration.

Welcome to the "Know Your Family" Swayzer Family Reunion July 20, 21, and 22 in Kansas City Missouri.  Your Kansas City family is busy working to make this event a success.  Due to social media, we have come in contact with many family members who do not know all their family.  We believe that it is important that we all get to know our family members.  We are hoping that every family member make an effort to attend this reunion. 

This website will be the official link to all information pertaining to the reunion. Please visit the site often for any updates.  Please use the link below to tell a friend (relative) about the reunion.  We will not be sending out letters, so help us spread the word.  Thank you for your help in doing this.  We love you, The Kansas City Swayzer Reunion Planning Committee.

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